2008-present, film

The Sky is clear, but we’re in a fog. So are the kids, the blond ones who drifted ashore. Unspecified disaster, parents awash or sunken, oh there is trouble at every turn. Trees to climb, pitfalls to evade. Structure and narrative alluded, shuffled. And what of their inverse doppelgangers, equally as naked and lost? It’s a matter of sticking together, he has come for them, as if they willed him to life. The youngest, with the curly locks, he must be especially careful. No one is safe, not even the donkey on this sunny day turned grey, this good trip gone bad. Sure, the sand is magic, but what has it wrought?

In part an incomplete Christian children’s adventure film by a Nashville producer with real estate interests.  Two sizable 16mm reels, multiple uncut camera rolls, assembled in rough order, structure and narrative alluded, shuffled. But also a fresh start, a new take on an expanded cinema piece further extended.  

(When does a painter know to stop painting?)

ALL MAGIC SANDS live at Light Industry, Brooklyn on April 12, 2008. Live sound by Alan Licht.