2010, 25 min, color, sound, Super 8-on-video

Handheld documentation by Martha Colburn of AM I FROM BROOKYLN? at The Poetry Project, St. Mark's Church in New York City, April 23, 2010.

Premiered as a live performance at The Poetry Project in 2010, AM I FROM BROOKLYN? betrays Lampert’s interest in the spectacle of sentiment, especially at the mercy of consumer technology. Using the now obsolete but once popular home-movie format super-8 film, Lampert runs through a sequence of scenes from a life imagined had he grown up in three different ethnic neighborhoods in Brooklyn (as opposed to his hometown St. Louis). With the dry wit of a disaffected comic, Lampert narrates the faux significance of his boyhood bank, school, or favorite deli, all the while distancing the audience from the real facts of his upbringing.
— Electronic Arts Intermix