2008, performance
Staged at the NFT1 Theater, BFI, London, England. November 29th, 2008.
35mm, x3 16mm and Super 8mm film. Featuring Melinda Shopsin and Greg Pope.
Part of the Kill Your Timid Notion tour.  Dedicated to Barry Esson and Bryony McIntyre.

A splice can take you anywhere, and with this we’re out the door, dear London, on a short traipse around your wondrous South Bank. Fret not my island nation, we’ll be safe in the arms of these padded seats, our bodies and minds supported by the chairs on which we sit. Together again, we mutually forget our distance, that wide Atlantic Ocean between us, our bodies of land converging at last. Yet, you resist, you ask questions, want commitments. That I should be expected to state up front the result of our rendezvous makes me feel you don’t trust me one bit, UK. If I say too much you may not even show, so please understand my lack of promises. Lets just say that eyes closed I see a massive theater, a humongous screen and many seats all occupied by you. I’m at your side. You complain that it’s grey and rainy, but sunny days are here again. Outside is another story.