2010, performance

CONDUCING (Version A) (1994) is a rediscovered music score written in high school and premiered 15 or so years later at Roulette in NYC on October 7, 2010.

Listen here


For Any-Size Ensemble & Conductor
Conductor chooses a commonly known song or composition (“Ode To Joy”, “Hey Jude” for example) and snaps out the melody in front of the ensemble, moving her/his fingers up/down to identify pitch, snapping in rhythm. The performers, who are not told what the song is beforehand, must try to follow/interpret the conductor’s snaps and play in unison. They should all always attempt to play the same note, which may require fast adjustments.


Version A: Two movements; one song per movement. Two melodies (3 to 5 minutes each) of different genres/eras are performed. The Conductor shows the audience a printed out/hand written paper identifying the name of the tune before playing; the musicians cannot see the title. Choice of songs is up to the conductor, but they should be very popular and universal.

Version B: Three short melodies are played in a snapped medley. The tunes either A) span different 20th century pop music eras, or B) are three tunes of the same style/era.