(2012, performance)

The discontinuation of Kodachrome prompted me to consider why I use film and the many ways my sentiments towards it have changed over time. Rather than feeling a sense of loss about the demise of this singular celluloid stock, I became free from it's precious grip. Kodachrome had been a noose.  Moving forward,  I could not help but to look back at the dozens of rolls filmed during my marathon final shooting sessions in the hours leading up to the last run of the lab's processing machine. The results are represented here. CONSTIPATION is a film for filmmakers, a Super-8 love letter/break-up note for Kodachrome fetishists. It is also an entertainment for the public-at-large.

Spoiler Alert: This trailer contains no footage from CONSTIPATION


  • Excerpted at ANDREW LAMPERT PRESENTS ANDY LAMPERT, Electronic Arts Intermix (2011)
  • San Francisco Cinematheque, CA (2012)