2010, performance

Presented  as part of INSTRUCTED PERFORMANCE@ Institut für Alles Mögliche & secondhome projects on November 5, 2010.

William Rose asked me to collaborate from afar on a performance neither of us could attend in Berlin as part of a symposium focused on the subject of failure. We rented a 16mm print of HOME STORIES by Matthias Müller. Will recorded an introduction to be played before and I tackled a postscript. We mailed these to the curator along with the following instructions:

1) Download the two MP3 files I’m sending you a link to and have them ready to play on a computer or ipod. 2) Have ready a good working 16mm projector with a lens and takeup spool. The film we’re showing has optical sound so there needs to be a way to get the sound out of the projector. If the projector has a detachable speaker it might be best to use this. If it doesn’t you’ll need a way to plug it into the sound system. 3) Have ready a sound system loud enough for the room and a way of connecting this to whatever means you’re using to playback the MP3’s. 4) Have ready a table or projector stand and a small lamp or torch. 5) Collect the 16mm print of HOME STORIES from Arsenal. 6) Ask Guillaume to come to the event and inform him that we would like him to teach you how to setup the projector and project the film as part of the event. Tell him that we would like him never to touch the projector, but to stand with you and give you instructions on how to load it. Don’t test this before the event. 7) Bring the equipment to the space and setup the sound system but not the projector. Check that the MP3 files play okay and set a good volume level. Only listen to the first few seconds of each. 8) When it is time to start let the audience into the space. Keep the lights on so you can see what you’re doing. 9) Choose a wall to project onto and position the projector on a table at a distance you think will work. 10) Guillaume will then tell you how to load the film into the projector and set the sound. Take as much time as you need to and don’t worry about the audience. 11) Once the film is loaded into the projector and you think it is ready, turn out the lights. 12) Play the mp3 called ‘Will_INTRO.MP3’. This will last for a little under six minutes. 13) Start the film and have Guillaume tell you how to adjust the volume, focus etc as is necessary. This is the first time you’ve projected a film so it won’t be perfect and that is fine. 14) When the film ends stop the projector and keep the lights off. 15) Play the mp3 called ‘Andy_OUTRO.MP3.’ This lasts for a little under 9 minutes. 16) Turn the main lights on.
— Instructions emailed to the show organizers

Photos by Sylvia Schedelbauer: