2013, 6 minutes, digital.
Edited by Ollie Jenkins, produced by Will Rose

Moving images and old technology combine to create contemporary frustration in this rollicking one-reeler featuring Rose, Yvonne and a 16mm projector.

Once a familiar instrument to project moving images, the amateur household 16mm projector and its reel of film now appear nearly impossible to decode. Archivist, filmmaker and performance artist Lampert playfully brings all his concerns together in this short situation comedy with a happy ending.
— International Film Festival Rotterdam (2013)
G Is the Dial can be considered ... a situation comedy. Its central figure is a 16 mm projector that the two main protagonists ramble on about at the kitchen table. Director Andrew Lampert, whose concern for the preservation of old film reels is something that he took from his work at Anthology Film Archives, has made, with this documentary, a tribute to classic film cameras, without being unnecessarily pompous.
— Patryk Tomiczek


  • International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands (2014)
  • T-Mobile New Horizons Film Festival, Wroclaw, Poland (2014)
  • Microlights, Milwaukee, WI (2014)
  • CONVERSATIONS AT THE EDGE, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL (2014)
  • Viennale, Vienna, Austria (2014)
  • Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA (2014)

Distributed by EAI