2006, performance
Featuring Jared Abramson

A performance piece mired by misinformation and requiring constant direction, all underscored by one side a slowed down parrot training LP.

First performance at Kelly Writer's House at Penn University, on October 19, 2006.
Second performance at LMAK Projects, NYC on December 18, 2006
Third performance as part of artist visit to Yale University MFA program, 2007

First performance at Kelly Writer's House, Penn University, October 19, 2006. Featuring Jared Abramson, Dr. Howard Yang and Matthew. Thanks to Kenneth Goldsmith
I make performances because I think you will be coming. With this in mind, I don’t want to disappoint you. But you aren’t here, are you? You perhaps picked this up at the gallery or received it in the mail. Maybe a friend is in the show and you are looking for them. You’re reading this, maybe in your bed, far from where I am. We are in our own elsewheres. Lets think about the performance as a segment of time with a start and finish where something happens in between. You and I are both involved. We were drifting along for so long in our own elsewheres until the performance brought us together. It is midnight and we are both probably in our beds. I am more interested in being here with you right now than writing about what will happen elsewhere. It is August and I’ll be seeing you in December. Or maybe I won’t. Either way, we’ll only really be together in the same room for one evening. You are maybe reading this a year from that night. And the accompanying pictures are from a different show that happened elsewhere. Lets relax together under the sheets and think about how the performance at LMAK has united us at long last. If you were elsewhere I’d be there, too. Not with you, but in my own corner of elsewhere making these pieces and waiting for you. But, for now, we are here so lets enjoy the company.
— Written for LMAK press release