Concrete Escort I, II, III, IV by Andrew

I am on of the performers in this event focused on the legacy of Gutai at the Guggenheim Museum on March 22nd, 2013:

New York based Japanese performance artist Ei Arakawa invites painters, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers, and archivists to form a temporal group addressing Gutai today. Resulting in a performative exhibition tour where the audience will be escorted and repositioned, emphasis will be on the power dynamic within Gutai, women and men; singularity and plurality; performance and painting. Tasked to communicate the diversity of Gutai activities, each tour will journey along a different route. Participants include Ei Arakawa, Simone Forti, Jutta Koether, Andrew Lampert, and Caitlin MacBride.



SYNONYM FOR UNTITLED is a dinner length performance at the Whitney Museum, but specifically in their restaurant, Untitled. It features the participation of poet Mónica de la Torre, musicians Okkyung Lee and C. Spencer Yeh, and Felix Bernstein. Chef Chris Bradley has created a menu based on a list I made that pairs artists in the Whitney’s collection with ingredients (Ellsworth Kelly is an anjou pear, R.H. Quaytman is potato chips). SYNONYM helps to celebrate the release of a limited edition 7-postcard set of my photographs being issued by the Whitney.

Friday, March 15th, 6:00-9:00pm The Whitney Museum of American Art 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street New York, NY 10021

THE GOOD LIFE @ International House Philadelphia by Andrew

Sunday, April 15 20127pm

International House Philadelphia 3701 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

$7 Students/ Seniors $9 General Admission Free for IHP Members

Artist-Filmmaker-Troublemaker Andrew Lampert returns for an intimate evening of irregular films and the world premiere of a major new “contracted cinema” performance piece. Whether making short films, videos, installations or live performances, Lampert’s work explores contemporary conditions of cinema spectatorship by using humor and formal investigations to get at the heart of what it is that makes images moving. From found footage mash-ups to first-person confessionals, the lively pieces in this spirited program will make you laugh, cringe, wonder and worry about Lampert’s current state of mind. Expect a guided tour through his mysterious and ongoing BENETTON series (including DOUBLE BENETTON and REVERSAL ORIGINAL), a visit with two curmudgeonly young adults (ETKA & MASHA: TEENAGERS OF THE OLD WORLD) and a single-projector super 8-performance titled THE GOOD LIFE that focuses on Lampert’s long term plans for future fulfillment. And please note, there will be door prizes!


Tuesday, August 23, 6PMAurora Picture Show 1524 Sul Ross Street Houston, TX 77006 (713) 868-2101

New York City-based artist Andrew Lampert regularly creates multi-projector live cinema performances and offbeat short films with his friends and musical collaborators. Each project is most certainly the result of shared efforts and creative input, yet the end results are attributed to him. For this video salon Lampert will explore the grey area of ownership with a fun, funny and funky selection of new and recent films guaranteed to beg the question: Hey, whose in charge here anyway?


Robert Breer1926-2010

It was my great fortune to befriend pioneering animator/artist Robert Breer while preserving his classic films a number of years ago. The last time we saw each other was in 2008 at his house in Tarrytown, NY shortly before he and Kate, his wife, moved to Arizona. I brought along my super 8 camera that afternoon.

[youtube ds_l72VfiIs nolink]