Focus Group Presents:
Andrew Lampert & Chris Corsano
In Performance
/ by melinda shopsin

Andrew Lampert & Chris Corsano: Live
Friday, December 5th, 7:00 PM
Visual Art Center at the University of Texas at Austin

Join the eclectic duo of artist Andrew Lampert and musician Chris Corsano for a merrily convoluted evening of moving image and music performance involving broken gear and wildly unpredictable results. Chris Corsano's galvanizing percussion kicks filmmaker Andrew Lampert into action mode as the improvisatory duo explore the limited options and perhaps harrowing consequences of playing with what you've been dealt. Less psychedelic and more psychological, this haphazard duo deconstructs expanded cinema performance with high tension and hilarity.

Presented by Focus Group in conjunction with the exhibition ANDREW LAMPERT: DON'T LOSE THE MANUAL, on view September 19 - December 6.

Many thanks to Rachel Stuckey for her documentation efforts of the event described above.