2010, performance
A collaboration with Skip Elsheimer, Stephen Parr and Greg Pierce

An installment of my ongoing (2004-present) series UNESSENTIAL CINEMA at Anthology Film Archives in New York CIty on April 6, 2010.

In true Unessential Cinema fashion, film collectors/archivists/artists Skip Elsheimer (A/V Geeks), Andrew Lampert (Anthology Film Archives), Stephen Parr (Oddball Film) and Greg Pierce (Orgone Cinema) have each sifted through their vast reservoir of reels to cull favorite footage that others might term tedious, difficult, dreary, lackluster, lifeless or even uninteresting. But it just ain’t so.

Tonight only, our bleary-eyed presenters shall unleash their findings in a 4-projector expanded cinema foray into the very heart of dullness. Anthology’s large Courthouse Theater screen will be divided into quadrants for each of our presenters to project their chosen films simultaneously. The only predetermined rule is that all the selected footage must be truly, deeply cherished.