A short piece from 2011 written in response to the request below that was subsequently translated into French for the catalog of the Cinéma Du Réel. The film has subsequently been rediscovered.

For its 33rd edition (March 24th – April 5th 2011), the Cinema du reel festival would like to invite you to take part in the programming of a section dedicated to “invisible films”. We are asking historians, critics, curators, programmers, filmmakers – that is to say, you – to tell us about a film you once saw but that has since disappeared or a film which you have always dreamt to see and which is invisible. Whether this film has been lost, destroyed, censored, burnt in a fire, stuck in an airport, seized by a bailiff, misreferenced or archived in the wrong place, prevented from being screened by the author or the right-holders, the idea is to offer a scope of the reasons why some films became impossible to see in a given place, at a given time.