JOKE ON JOKE / by melinda shopsin

Union Docs presents:
March 30, 2014
7:30 PM

An evening of video artists, performance artists, musicians, and writers reenacting, translating, paying homage to, improving upon, and/or pissing all over classic stand-up routines from some of comedy’s most revered live performers. The artists in this program have been given free reign to choose their sources, and may employ video, music, and other crutches to enhance their 4-6 minute long sets.

Hosted by Ben Coonley and featuring the derivative comedy stylings of Eileen Maxson, Angie Waller, Alina Simone, Joel Holmberg, Sophia Cleary, Cecilia Dougherty, Andrew Lampert, Benjamin Hale, Brian Droitcour, David Kalal, and Jordan Rathus…plus special guests.