MUSEUM, St. Louis
/ by melinda shopsin


August 9, 2012 @ 7:00
Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis

CAM is pleased to present an evening of live film projector performances by Andrew Lampert that will include his works HOME (2010), ETKA & MASHA: TEENAGERS OF THE OLD WORLD (2011), and THE GOOD LIFE (2012).

As a filmmaker, programmer, and archivist at Anthology Film Archives, Andrew Lampert explores cinematic relationships by experimenting with their constituent elements, such as sound, live action, and film. Known for his projector performances, Lampert often plays a highly participatory role in his projects, acting as projectionist, cinematographer, and even musician by generating live instrumentation to accompany a screening. His performances often reference the multiple realms and perspectives found within the theatrical experience, drawing upon the intricacies of cinematic time and viewer time. The result is work that exists in two spaces – one within the frame of the screen or film, and the other which contains the viewing audience; the artist refers to this effect as “contracted cinema,” or the reverse of expanded cinema. For Lampert, cinema is not simply celluloid, but the integrative experience of the here-and-now, the audience, and the projected world of the film itself.