International Film Festival
/ by melinda shopsin

2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam

The second performance of SWEETHEARTS, this time in Dutch and English.

Shot by Jeanne Liotta

“…archivist/programmer/projector performance artist Andrew Lampert, whose delightful Fluxus homage, the live piece SWEETHEARTS, involved three 16mm machines projecting the letters A, B and C, and two women to the sides of the screens reading and responding to survey questions in English and Dutch that ask the audience to divide themselves into groups based on answers to increasingly intimate questions. With Lampert darting back and forth between the control table and the clanking projectors, the piece combined the handmade chaos of 1960s underground art with a computer-age nod to binary classification, where all information can be reduced to 0s and 1s. It also reduced the idea of projection and audience involvement to its most elemental level, making it fit into the overall framework of the “Sharits in Context” program to which it belonged.” – David Schwartz, Chief Curator of the Museum of the Moving Image writing for sensesofcinema.com

Dear Holland,
It’s time that we discussed the situation. Lets be open with each other. I mean, how long can we avoid our hearts? To find shared ground we must first speak a common language. How else can we have a dialogue? Through the movies? There is some land and water between us, Holland, but still I’d like to get closer. You understand that New York City is a lonely place for an American guy. Lets rendezvous in the secret drawing room, spill our secrets on your parlour bed. Is there a Europe we can slip away to? A mountain hideaway we might call our own? We wouldn’t need much, a little grass bed, maybe a pillow, my coat makes a fine blanket. You and me together, exchanging long glances, in harmony intertwined, Holland. I’ll meet you there.
— Program note