@ Microscope Gallery
/ by melinda shopsin

Monday, September 29
7:30 PM

Microscope Gallery is pleased to present SLIDE EXECUTIONS a program of live slide performance works by Andrew Lampert, Kenneth Curwood and Alexia Welch as the fourth of five events happening in conjunction with our current exhibition SLIDE SLIDE SLIDE.
Each of the artists, who work regularly with the transparent slide, take a different approach in pieces involving a death in some sense, both the literal and figurative. Lampert’s MURDER MYSTERY most closely references the traditional slide show using a storyline – told through an almost complete carousel of slides – of 1950s art world figures, texts, abstractions and Mafioso. Welch’s REMEMBERING, THREE WAYS consists of a carousel of handmade blood-painted slides among other images that over time begin to “sweat” in the heat as the color drains. Curwood’s untitled single slide projection is a stunningly beautiful and complete obliteration of the image as it is bleached before the audience’s eyes.

Approximately 60 minutes
REMEMBERING, THREE WAYS by Alexia Welch, 80 slide carousel projection, 2014, approx. 30 minutes
Colors are drained from the images and then reinserted from memory. A dream is recalled twice.
MURDER MYSTERY by Andrew Lampert, slide show projection w/ accompanying sound, 2010, 20 minutes
A carousel of slides mixing text with images and abstractions with a story involving people in the art world of the 1950s (Cage, Cunningham, Raushenberg, Johns, De Antonio) and a real life Mafioso. Sound alternates between works by Bud Powell and Morton Feldman.
UNTITLED by Kenneth Zoran Curwood, single slide projection w/ bleach, 2014, approx. 11 minutes