PERFECT MAKES PRACTICE @ ANX in Oslo / by melinda shopsin

A collaborative performance with Greg Pope
Performed at ANX in Oslo, Norway
As part of @ Ultima Contemporary Music Festival
September 14, 2016

Greg Pope and I reunited for the first time since 2011 as POPE/LAMP for a performance dedicated to Tony Conrad, whose pants played a prominent role in the proceedings. This was our non-descriptive blurb:

The end times aren’t here yet, but let’s start preparing. First thing you’ll need to assemble is an all-purpose survival kit: Unchewed bones, triple fried rice, positive thoughts, edible paper, guilt-free love, freckled vegetables, canned applause, serpentine movements, pre-faded genes, speckled light, one silver glove, and ‘some idea swimming in the blue gelatin of the reptilian brain, seeking out the gossamer-thin difference between illusion and the real’*

Infinity will be a blast. At long last there will be time to re-read favorite books, listen to stacks of records, organize hard drives, leaf through photo albums. The eternal means eating without consequences so enjoy another pizza. Don’t forget, there will be orgies.

* Baudrillard, Fragments, 1997. Although we don’t subscribe.