LESSER HAZARDS @ International Film Festival Rotterdam / by melinda shopsin

January 29, 2017

A rover of mediums who favours formal structures and humorous ruptures, Andrew Lampert’s slippery live shows disrupt expectations of concept and execution, intention and results. This new entry in his unruly Projector Destruction series will – to give fair warning – not go as planned. 

Andrew Lampert: “When invited somewhere I ask my host to gather as many half-working projectors as they can find and then I ceremonially sentence them to death.” Bringing unscripted and chance elements into cinema's veneer of control, and often working in front of the audience, he foregrounds the contingency of film as a medium. Revelling in cinema as a performative environment, Lampert reclaims this space from a mass media culture to emphasize its potential for immediacy and accident – and to make each of his screenings and performances a one-of-a-kind event. 

Part of the exposition Nuts & Bolts, Thu 26 Jan to Sat 4 Feb, 11:00-20:30, Het Atelier, free admission, performance by Andrew Lampert on Sun 29 Jan, 17:00.

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