Live @ Qubit with C. Spencer Yeh / by melinda shopsin


LIVE with C. Spencer Yeh @ Qubit
Saturday, September 22 at 8PM
1850 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY

Sharing a bill with bassoonist Dana Jessen, Yeh and Lampert will present the next installment of a collaborative performance first staged at the New Music Circle in St. Louis, MO in Spring 2018. Amplified violin and multiple film projectors are haphazardly paired in a way that purposefully undermines each of the artists' extended histories operating in the realms of "expanded cinema" and "live scoring". As a duo they are constantly thinking about how forms develop and change, or more likely, just freeze at some point but never rot, like a moose fallen into an icy lake. This is not a movie with music. It's a town hall meeting. It's a $17 cocktail. It's a novel about a carpenter who is afraid to turn 33. It's a blanket covered in cat hair. It's a stain that no dry cleaner can remove. It's a hot soda on a cold day. It's a #4 pencil. It's acrylic paint on aluminum. It's an Aunt Annie's Pretzel made by Uncle Phil. It's that other stuff that isn't lint. It's Rosh Hashanah holiday hours. It's yesterday's newspaper with tomorrow's news. It's a digital remaster of the bootleg recording of The Who's 1979 concert in Cincinnati where the audience was trampled pressed on 180-gram vinyl and it comes with a bonus DVD of the WKRP episode titled "In Concert" that poignantly references this tragic event. It's Ess-A-Bagel at the old location on 1st Avenue when it was still good. It's a 51-pound suitcase that you have to pay an extra $25 for because the person helping you is being a jerk. It's a hard way to make a living, but a good way to have fun.