JOKE ON JOKE by melinda shopsin

Union Docs presents:
March 30, 2014
7:30 PM

An evening of video artists, performance artists, musicians, and writers reenacting, translating, paying homage to, improving upon, and/or pissing all over classic stand-up routines from some of comedy’s most revered live performers. The artists in this program have been given free reign to choose their sources, and may employ video, music, and other crutches to enhance their 4-6 minute long sets.

Hosted by Ben Coonley and featuring the derivative comedy stylings of Eileen Maxson, Angie Waller, Alina Simone, Joel Holmberg, Sophia Cleary, Cecilia Dougherty, Andrew Lampert, Benjamin Hale, Brian Droitcour, David Kalal, and Jordan Rathus…plus special guests.


Single Frame: Vito Acconci by melinda shopsin

Anthology Film Archives
March 12, 2014
7:30 pm

A program in my ongoing series SINGLE FRAME featuring Vito Acconci with a performance entitled CLICK-CLICK-SLIDE/SLIIDE//SLIIIDE///

“A possibly mis-directed & mis-guided effort to make the on/off visuals & the cliCLICKclic aurals of an out-dated slide-projector the basis of 3 inter-locking, time-shifting, place-dissolving plots (American-western/detective-story/science-fiction) that are there only to support & camouflage wavering while floating structure-systems as each gradually & in slow-motion explodes into bits & particles & grains & pixels…” –Vito Acconci

Film & Video Series
by melinda shopsin

January 16 - 23, 2014
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003.

In conjunction with the exhibition RITUALS OF RENTED ISLAND at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Anthology Film Archives presents FURTHER RITUALS OF RENTED ISLAND a screening series co-curated by J. Hoberman, Andrew Lampert, and Jay Sanders featuring videos, films, and documentation and features many pieces not on view in the exhibition. All screenings take place at Anthology Film Archives,.

Outside the Box Gallery Talks:
Andrew Lampert on Chris Burden: Extreme Measures
by melinda shopsin


December 14, 2013, 2:15 PM
New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

This fall, the New Museum launches a new lecture series, OUTSIDE THE BOX, a roster of gallery-based talks given by a variety of guest speakers over the course of a season. In this new series, lecturers with diverse backgrounds and affinities will address the New Museum’s current exhibition(s), kicking off with CHRIS BURDEN: EXTREME MEASURES in forty-five to sixty minute presentations taking place exclusively in the Museum’s galleries. As a way to emphasize the Museum’s strong commitment to new art and new ideas, Outside the Box talks are open to the public and are intended to provide participants with multidisciplinary perspectives on New Museum exhibitions. To this end, lecturers will speak about the exhibitions or themes emergent in artists’ works from the various positions they occupy, be they academic, personal, political, etc., and engage in rich investigations that illuminate and probe the Museum’s current exhibition program.

As an artist, Andrew Lampert regularly uses moving images, live performance, and recorded sound to address the contemporary condition of cinema spectatorship in its waning days. He is concerned with time as experienced on screen, in the course of production, and most especially by the audience in a theater. He has exhibited at venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA P.S.1, the Getty Museum, the British Film Institute, the New York Film Festival, and is distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI). Lampert is also Curator of Collections at Anthology Film Archives, where he is responsible for the daily management, photochemical preservation, and digitization of the moving image and audio collections, as well as co-programming the quarterly screening schedule. He has preserved more than two hundred movies by artists including Wallace Berman, Robert Breer, Bruce Conner, Tony Conrad, Manuel De Landa, the Kuchar Brothers, Marie Menken, Carolee Schneemann, Paul Sharits, Stuart Sherman, Michael Snow, and many others. Lampert teaches in the Film Department at Purchase College, and is currently editing a book titled THE GEORGE KUCHAR to be published by Primary Information.

A Stom Sogo Tribute
at Mix Festival
by melinda shopsin

MIX New York Queer Experimental Film Festival
Thursday, November 14, 2014 @ 9PM

Featuring SLOW DEATH (2000) and many other surprises. Organized with Gina Carducci.

SLOW DEATH (2000) by Stom Sogo

SLOW DEATH (2000) by Stom Sogo

A dynamo whose thunderous potential was cut short by his premature death, Japanese moving-image artist Stom Sogo (1975-2012) remains a romantic rebel if ever there was one. For over two decades he created a hair-raising body of aggressively beautiful films and videos. This 70-minute program features the acclaimed film SLOW DEATH and the rest is, well, a surprise. As we type, tons of new and enticing discoveries are being made in the boxes of over 1200 films, videos and tapes that Sogo left behind. Did we just find a 400-foot reel mysteriously titled 20 CENTURY PORNO? How many abstract adaptations of Dennis Cooper novels did Stom make? We are carefully opening hundreds of envelopes of unknown film reels and you just won’t believe what we have found. This all Super-8 program will feature films projected on film, the way that Stom used to show them during his bacchanalian all-night screenings.

A Conversation with John Zorn by melinda shopsin

John Zorn in Henry Hills' MONEY (1985)

John Zorn in Henry Hills' MONEY (1985)

Sunday, September 23, 2013 @ 5 PM
Anthology Film Archives, NYC

A conversation on the art of scoring films and survival with John Zorn as part of his city-wide 60th birthday celebration.

by melinda shopsin

EXPANDED CINEMA: ESP Lab // Bradley Eros, Kenny Zoran Curwood & Rachael Guma “Narcolepsy Cinema” // Andrew Lampert // Fern Silva // Jessie Stead

Friday, August 2, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
Brooklyn, NY

Roulette presents an evening of multi-screen and mixed-media performances featuring NARCOLEPSY CINEMA, a new work for expanded celluloid, foley, and vinyl by multimedia trio Bradley Eros, Kenny Zoran Curwood and Rachael Guma; ESP Lab with Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie; and short films by Andrew Lampert, Fern Silva, and Jessie Stead.

by melinda shopsin

July 31, 2013 @ 7 PM
Mono No Aware @ CPR (Center For Performance Research)
Brooklyn, NY

Andrew Lampert and Fern Silva are DOUBLE TROUBLE, and together they have in store an evening of double projections and multi-format mayhem. Eschewing logic, they promise to bring far too much material and present it in multitudes of overlapping layers. They do this because they don't know what else to do with themselves. Expect an evening of films made alone and a big mess that they will make together.

Double Trouble (Andrew Lampert and Fern Silva) at Mono No Aware, July 31, 2013

Double Trouble (Andrew Lampert and Fern Silva) at Mono No Aware, July 31, 2013

Bastard Film Encounter
by melinda shopsin

An excerpt from my opening remarks.

I presented the Keynote Speech and Invocation at the first Bastard Film Encounter, held in Raleigh, NC. A gathering of archivists, artists, aficionados and fellow travelers, the Encounter proved to be a  galvanizing weekend of conversations and discoveries in the area of forogtten terrain, disposed entertainment and lost context.


I also presented my first PROJECTOR PARADISE performance.

PROJECTOR PARADISE #1 @ Bastard Film Encounter, 2013

PROJECTOR PARADISE #1 @ Bastard Film Encounter, 2013

PROJECTOR PARADISE #1 @ Bastard Film Encounter, 2013

PROJECTOR PARADISE #1 @ Bastard Film Encounter, 2013

Unessential Goes Viennese by melinda shopsin

In April 2013, I visited Vienna to introduce a number of shows presented by the Austrian Film Museum in their series THE CLIMATE OF NEW YORK: A TRIBUTE TO ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES. Among the programs was a greatest hits, show-and-tell evening that featured a good many Unessential Cinema favorites.

Die riesigen Keller und Hinterhöfe des AFA bilden den Ausgangspunkt dieser panoramatischen Fahrt in die Eingeweide des Kinos. Unessential Cinema, eine lose Anthology-Reihe, bezieht sich auf jene zahllosen Filmkopien und Negative, die über die Jahre aus stillgelegten Laboren, Containern und dem Besitz von Witwen und Weirdos zusammenkamen. Beim Wiener Screening bringt Anthology-Kurator Andrew Lampert eine Auswahl solch verwaister Filme zur Aufführung – eine Demonstration all dessen, was Archive nie und nimmer bewahren können, werden oder wollen. Zu erleben sind u.a. Doppelprojektionen und unvollendete Werke, Lichttöne und unerklärliche Filmstreifen, Kameratests und unfassbare Krimis, Stopps, Starts, Einführungen, Erklärungen, begründete Vermutungen, Dialoge, Kommentare, Kritiken, Analysen, Hypothesen, logische Schlussfolgerungen, chirurgische Schnitte, Rätsel, Home­-movies, Gänsehaut, Gelächter, Liebe, Intrigen, Bikinis und Hockey.

Moderation Andrew Lampert

Jonas Mekas Panel
International House,
by melinda shopsin

April 20, 2013
International House, Philadelphia

I was a panelist alongside Amy Taubin, Ed Halter and Jackie Raynal on the subject of Jonas Mekas, who was in attendance for this conversational event celebrating his life and work in and around cinema. Organized by Herb Shellenburger.

Jackie Raynal shows off her speech.

Jackie Raynal shows off her speech.

At Guggenheim Museum
by melinda shopsin

March 22, 2013
Guggenheim Museum
New York

New York based Japanese performance artist Ei Arakawa invites painters, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers, and archivists to form a temporal group addressing Gutai today. Resulting in a performative exhibition tour where the audience will be escorted and repositioned, emphasis will be on the power dynamic within Gutai, women and men; singularity and plurality; performance and painting. Tasked to communicate the diversity of Gutai activities, each tour will journey along a different route. Participants include Ei Arakawa, Simone Forti, Jutta Koether, Andrew Lampert, and Caitlin MacBride.