Greater New York / by melinda shopsin

September 4 and September 11, 2010
Greater New York

Despite—or perhaps because of—his training as an archivist, Andrew Lampert’s films and performances undermine any expected reverence for the preservation and exhibition of media artifacts. “The projector and the screen and the projectionist and the audience are together far more integral to cinema than any film running through a projector in a booth behind the audience,” Lampert has written, in a short statement on his practice. “Celluloid is not cinema, not even close.” For Lampert, cinema is what happens right now, and he loves to tangle the lines between the documented and the live, creating sets of rules for each work that allow for improvisation and chance operations. As part of Greater New York Cinema, Lampert will present two afternoon events. For “Contracted Cinema” on September 4, Lampert will perform Jacka Spades (2009), his audio-visual record of a day of Super 8 filming in New York, presented back in real time, and the similarly peripatetic Am I From Brooklyn? (2010). On September 11th, “The Old World and This One, Too” will include Lampert’s take on the dance film and portrait genres, as well as the premiere of a Super 8 double-projection with artist Fern Silva, who will perform with Lampert as the duo Double Trouble. In keeping with Lampert’s events at Anthology Film Archives and beyond, both shows will include impromptu readings, odd bits of media ephemera, and door prizes to lucky audience members!
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AM I FROM BROOKLYN? (2010), screened on Sept. 4

AM I FROM BROOKLYN? (2010), screened on Sept. 4