CONDUCING At Roulette / by melinda shopsin

October 7, 2010
New York, NY

CONDUCING was performed as part of EASY NOT EASY, a three night festival curated by Matt Mehlan (Skeletons) & Doron Sadja (MIRRORGATE, West Nile). Using the idea of "Simple Scores" as a starting point, they asked a wide array of some of NYC artists to compose and perform a series of "simple" new scores as well as some scores by more established artists. These concerts were to help raise money and awareness for Roulette  as they prepared to move to their incredible Art Deco theater in Downtown Brooklyn.


Aki Onda – Tapes, Electronics
Richard Garet - Electronics
Ben Greenberg – Electric Guitar
Katherine Young – Amplified Bassoon, Electronics
Sergei Tcherepnin – Modular Synth
Maria Chavez – Turntables
Shahzad Ismaily – Bass, Synth, Etc
C. Spencer Yeh – Violin, Electronics